Sunday, August 21, 2016

Aug 21 2016

Aug 21 2016
Start the day on top of mountain. Half mile of rock road to the main road. Stood in a mountain lake looking for the hole in my air mattress. I will see if l feel the ground tonight.

This is were Gisla Saga area. One Gisla family member was found hiding and was doing well against the dozen trying to take him as he had the high ground. Then a spear open his gut. He tie his cloths to keep his innards in. Then jumps down into the men trying to take him. Slaying one of his foe before they cut him down. Another Icelandic ending.

Down I ride then around the Borgarfjordur. Then another hill to climb. Down the other side. I find a vegi'burger and fries for only ten dollars in the village.. I push on around Dyrafjordur and up to the next hill. Into the thick fog I climb.when I start going down I go back to the top and a side road. I go a quarter mile on the side road and find a good spot next to the road.
Love and kisses

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