Monday, August 15, 2016

Aug 15

Wind did not stop in the night nor the rain.  So I packed and headed out.  Wind pushed back as I rode on.  Most of my cloths are wet.  The cloths I am wearing are wet.  Second village I come to I consider getting a room.  Check and the hostel is full and another opens later.  I don't want to be without a place to sleep.  So I push on.  The wind slow the ride.  I get to the camp late in the afternoon and go to the campground.  Try to find some wind protection for my tent.  With most cloths still wet I head for the pool.  If I am going to be wet it should be warm water.  After a long soak I find the rain has stopped so I hang out the cloths.  I fall asleep with cloth hanging  above me in the tent.

iPod with my notes for the blog suddenly ask me to shut it down with a strange screen. I did and then all I got was weird blue screen. Another victim of the rain. I put in a bag with rice and hoped for the best. I the morning it worked. The gods are not all cruel they just want to have some fun.
Love & kisses

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