Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Chiang Rai

Start the morning going over the hills I could see to the east.  I am dripping hot riding up the hills.  Glad I did not care that my shirt smelled a bit off this morning, but that does not matter quickly.  There are lots of pressed snakes in the road today.  In the next valley the road levels out for about 20 k.  Can make better time then there are some steep hills.  Good things don’t last..  Then flat with a few rolling hills that let me go at a good pace.  Find a room easily.  In the food court at the night market the transvestites put on the floor show,

Chiang Rai
74.8 Miles, 6.56 Moving Time, Max Speed 39.5 Miles, Moving Average 10.8 Miles, 
 Stop Time 1:39, Overall Average Speed 8.7 Miles, Temp Min 78 F-94 F, Start 8:30 end 17:00, Accent 1578 feet, Max Altitude 996 feet.

Love & Kisses
Don’t be jealous of these guys figures

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