Monday, February 25, 2013

Nam Ou Day 4

Started around 9 on the river.  Long runs between rapids so I stopped hearing the rumble of the river.  The jungle is not silent.  I paddle on.  Rapids are easy but get me wet.  Once again the sun arrives at 10. Before Hat Sa I see the beginning of the dam going in here.  Yes if you want to float the Nam Ou then you better do it soon, before the concrete reaches the other side.
At Hat Sa I get a snack and more water.  A couple of Vietnamese try the boat out.  As I start to think about finding a spot to camp I am asked to stay in a village.  River picks up speed for a couple of miles.  I am the center of attention as kids crowd around me and stare.  Personal space is very close.  I use the GPS and my Southeast Asia dictionary for entertainment. I become boring quickly.  No English is spoken, but many of the tee shirts have English on them.  Most people here are camera shy so I keep it put away.  There are foot and half high boors across all the doors to keep the pot belly pigs out.
Puppies are hand shy.  They keep a watchful eye on the little ones at dinner.  They know the odds are better there.  They get to close to dinner and the mother yells at them.  They race to scoot over the gate at the door.  Dinner then bed.  Bed is hard and lumpy.  But I do not go for my air mattress.

Home stay
23.2 Miles, 7:00 Moving Time, Max Speed 10.5 Miles, Moving Average 3.3 Miles, Stop Time 1:42 Overall Average Speed 2.6 Miles, Temp Min 68 F-94 F, Start 9:00 next day end 18:00, Decent 87 feet, Max Altitude 1652 feet.

Cloudy with sunny in afternoon

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