Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Wang Nua

Hills today and I am dragging.  The rice paddies are flat but the road goes in the hills.  Wang Nuadis I am dripping at the top of each rise.  I keep pouring water into me.  Need more salt.  I push on think a nap would be good.  I see a lots of signs for rooms only 100 baht.  I ring the doorbell of the place and even call.  This just gets the volume of a TV in another room tuned up.  I take the hint and ride on.  Near sunset the GPS shows a guesthouse 15 k away.  I ask in the town about a guesthouse.  The second person I asked gets me there following a moped a few blocks.

Wang Nua

75.6 Miles, 8:00 Moving Time, Max Speed 34.2 Miles, Moving Average 9.4 Miles, 
 Stop Time 5:02, Overall Average Speed 5.8 Miles, Temp Min 77 F-104 F, Start 9:30 end 19:00, Accent 1884 feet, Max Altitude 1545 feet.

Love & Kisses

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