Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Nam Ou Day 6

 I come across the warning label in my raft.  I never have gotten instruction in how to use this boat.  Maybe that’s why I did not follow most of the rules it lists. 

Choice 4 the fun rapid

 Turn the corner on the river and I am in a construction zone.  Flat water!!  Passing a village the local point me to a different route.  They send me down a long straight cascade.  I look over at the path  I was taking and see a two meter water fall.  Now I know why they were so insistent on which way I went.  I think they were worried my boat would not make it.  I just concerned if I will make it.  Choice three was another two meter falls with the last choice an exciting rapid.  More flat water!!  Water is slow and my boat is slow.

  There is a road next to river with construction trucks.  The wild jungle is over.  I paddle on.  
Young boys run and swim for a closer look at the boat.  After only 8 hours of continually paddling I arrive.  The have guest houses with hot showers.  No rice and red curry paste tonight.  Noodles with Vegi's and eggs.  And a plate full of fried eggplant with Beerlao.
Tourist zone and the French are here.

M Khoi

27.7 Miles, 8:03 Moving Time, Max Speed 10.0 Miles  Moving Average 3.4 Miles, Stop Time 0:51 Overall Average Speed 3.1 Miles,  Temp Min 70 F-90 F, Start 08:30 next day end 17:30, Decent 26? feet, Max Altitude 1361 feet.

Sunny after morning fog cleared

Love & Kisses

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