Sunday, February 17, 2013

Pak Beng

Ogres meet

Low clouds as I packed with lots of dew on everything as I did not use the tent fly.
Took the slow boat down the Mekong river.  The boat was to leave at 1030 and we departed after 12.  As a kid in high school floating down the Mekong river was something to avoid.  Fortuitously that opportunity ended before i was old enough to be compelled into seeing the Mekong on the government plan.  
Last boat in at the mid point town.    Found most guest houses full as hundreds of tourist already came to town doing the river route.  I was one of the last to find a room.

As no one else was going to show up my bargaining power improved.  I got a three bed room for the price of one.  It is nice dealing with owners that know empty rooms make no money. 

Pak Beng
92.5 Miles, 6:55 Moving Time, Max Speed 25.3 Miles,  Moving Average 13.4 Miles, 
 Stop Time 5:22, Overall Average Speed 7.5 Miles,  Temp Min 70 F-88 F, Start 9:00 end 18:00, Accent 340 feet, Max Altitude 1240 feet.

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