Monday, February 4, 2013


 Start the day following railroad into the hills.  This get me into great countryside and the hills are jungle.  The route varies from pavement to dirt track.  Then head to road straight up a very steep road.  Wish I had my climbing cassette.  When I get to the main road I find I am not as far as I thought I had gone.  I start to push on trying to speed up.  The hills slowed me and I know I will be riding in the dark.  The rolling hills turn to steady climb.  I push on.  Sunset is approaching and 30k to go.  I don't want to stop for water as I try to get a few more miles before it is dark. 
 A car stops in front of me and a young lady steps out and gives me a liter and half of water.  A quarter mile ahead a young lady stopped in a truck.  Asked where I was going.  “Lumpang” I replied.  She says “I go there, you go with me”.  I tell her I am doing good.  I ride on.  I start thinking quickly.  Ornot so quickly.  What am I doing!!  I could have easily put the bike in the truck and not be riding in the dark.  I could have be meeting and talking with a local.  I have no requirement to ride everything.  
As I climb the next hill I think of the green curry I could be eating now instead of still riding.   I will reset my priorities in the future.  Then I climb another hill thinking of green curry some more.
93.6 Miles, 9:47 Moving Time, Max Speed 36.9 Miles, Moving Average 9.6 Miles, 
 Stop Time 1.38, Overall Average Speed 8.2 Miles,  Temp Min 79 F-98 F, Start 9:00 end 20:30, Accent 4061 feet, Max Altitude 1858 feet.

 Love & Kisses

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