Saturday, February 16, 2013

Huay Xai

 I am heading for the Lao border today.  Of the three ways to go I take the one the GPS suggests.  It is up a slow river for the first part.   I see an otter.  It is hot as I head over some hills.  Then it is fairly flat to the Mekong River.  As I go through the border town I see nothing to stay for and it is early so I head for Lao.  They don’t let me on the big ferry so I have fun loading my bike on a small boat. On the other side I meet other cyclist.  Also get offer a cheap camp site.  I get to use my tent.

Huay Xai
68.8 Miles, 6:16 Moving Time, Max Speed 34.1 Miles,  Moving Average 11.0 Miles,
Stop Time 4:27, Overall Average Speed 6.4 Miles,  Temp Min ?F, Start 9:30 end 18:00, Accent 813 feet, Max Altitude 1661 feet.

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