Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Nam Ou Day 5

 I wake at 5 to the town bell being struck.  5:30 I hear the children singing patriotic songs.  Yes this is utopia and it is not even light out.  At 6:30 and it is light out I am up.  I start to ready the boat.  They insist I stay for breakfast.  I then find out my bill is 50,000 kip or little over 6 dollars.  No English is spoken but there are lots of shirts with English on them.  I find it interesting the air force shirt the most fascinating.
I am on the river at 8:30 and am quick wet from small but wet rapids.  There are long stretches that are flat water.
It is just a constant paddling to keep my boat moving.  I see a half dozen bare young bottoms running up hill to hide.  I wave to the faces peering around trees.  I paddle on.  I ponder catching a ride on one of the boat that motors by.  I paddle on.  River is getting flat and slow.  See some bamboo rafts that have wrapped.
Did I say that they are planning 7 dams on this river as I pass the next dam being constructed? 
Still would like to know what is said on the Stove fuel bottle after the word "warning"? 

With a road up on the hillside above the river I look for a camp site that is less visible.   After setting up camp a little brush I find that I am camp by a fishing hole as three boats work the waters infront of the camp.  Then there are some up on the road who come to look down on my camp.  River is getting crowded. 
Still would like to know what is said on the Stove fuel bottle after the word warning? 

Camp 4

27.6 Miles, 8:21 Moving Time, Max Speed 10.6 Miles,  Moving Average 3.3 Miles,  Stop Time 2:37 Overall Average Speed 2.5 Miles,  Temp Min 69 F-92 F, Start 08:30 next day end 17:00, Decent 27? feet, Max Altitude 1432 feet.
Sunny after morning fog cleared
Love & Kisses Steve

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