Thursday, February 28, 2013

Nong Khiaw

 I  was no the river at 9:30.  First half hour and I am glad I hoped a motor boat.  Slow water.  Boat is a bit overload.  Captain is not happy if someone moves to the other side for a picture.  I am happy there is no roof over me.  I won't be trapped.  The boats coming up river have life jackets.  We don't have to worry about those pesky things.  

 Muang Ngoi Neua river front is a tourist zone.  We pick up a guy working in the villages for an NGO.  His breakfast was a frog leg as he did not want the bat or rat that was also being provided by the family he was staying with.  It is a pity I am a vegetarian as there is much verity of food being offered.  I could even try Lao ma.  
As we go down a rapid the NGO guy points out the rocky cliff side one of his boat rides went straight up on when the rudder cable broke. 

Decide to stop and hang in Nong Khiaw for the night. 
After a snack of green curry, I thought it was early so I headed up stream with the raft.  The put in I chose was a bit steep but switching hands holding the raft committed me as the raft bounced down to the river.  Paddle on the river till sunset. 

 This ends my travels down the Nam Ou.

Nong Khiaw
Slow Boat
57.7 Miles, 5:59 Moving Time, Max Speed 18.6 
Miles, Moving Average 6.6 Miles, Stop Time 1:48 Overall Average Speed 5.5 Miles, Temp Min 72F-80F, Start 09:30 next day end 17:30, Decent 95? feet, Max Altitude 1363 feet.

Sunny after morning fog cleared

Love & Kisses

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