Friday, March 1, 2013

Luang Prabang 3

I was told the bus leaves at 9 and get there at 9.  Schedule at the station say 8:30 to Luang Prabang I am on time.  Riding in the back of a truck and the exhaust was killer for three hours.  If it was an enclosed we would have been dead.  Tuk tuk drops me off half a block from my guest my house (sweet).  Without my luggage carrier my gear gets heavy quickly.  Find my bike and my gear are there and untouched. 
At lunch I keep quiet as they serve fried vegetarian with tofu.  Need to rest as I had to much CO2 and CO from the ride.
Nio Pics
Luang Prabang
90.1 Miles, 3:40 Moving Time, Max Speed 44.9 Miles, Moving Average 24.6 Miles,  Stop Time 0:58 Overall Average Speed 19.4 Miles, Temp Min 68F-86F, Start 08:00 next day end 12:30, Decent 2950 feet, Max Altitude 1382 feet.

Love & Kisses

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