Friday, March 22, 2013

Angkor Wat

 Late start but well rested. Saw the first main ruin and road past it.  Way to crowded.  Saw a small ruin on the other side of the road and went to that as no one was there.  Any other site would love these stone carvings. Here they are lost to the grand buildings.  Then on to more ruins.  The next place is a smaller pyramid.  Now I get to enter grand entry way with the men holding back the serpent.  At the temple of the faces I spent hours.  I laugh when a guide tells his people they have two more temples to visit.  The guides go straight to the center of the ruin.  Get picture next to building.  

 Guides point to the obvious stuff then hurry them on.  The insides of the buildings usually are not adorned and that is where the people go with guides.  The outer walls of the temple are covered with carved murals showing great battle and other scenes.  The guides don’t even stop to show their clients these.   More temples and then the batteries on the camera run dry.  I head back to the guesthouse to recharge.  As the camera battery is recharging I go and buy another camera battery.  Two batteries are not enough for Angkor Wat.  I return to Angkor in late afternoon.

 Siem Reap

31.3 Miles, 4:09 Moving Time, Max Speed 15.7 Miles, Moving Average 7.5 Miles, Stopw Time 5.57 Overall Average Speed 3.1 Miles, Temp Min 86 F -100 F Start 09:00 end 19:00, Accent 135 feet, Max Altitude 193 feet.

Sunny and hot

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