Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Phun Khun

I must remember to think right in Laos.  Day is cloudy and feels like rain.  It is good to be back riding a full loaded bike after a couple of weeks boating.  It feels to cool to stop and swim at the water falls.  At eleven there is mist.  Good day for the ride as I am climbing.  Don’t need to use the lower gear most of the time. Spot a guy with a great long barrel rifle looked like a cap lock a real classic.  Did not get a picture as the guy appeared not to be wanted to be seen with the gun.  At 2:30 the sun peeks through the clouds.  

 Get to the top of the second hill around 4.  There is a rest house at the bus station in town, but I decide to go on as I don’t like guest house at bus stations as they are not the nicest places.  Run across some others that touring on bicycle.  They spotted the pakraft in the dry bag. They were wanting one or maybe two.  It turns dark 11:30 hours in the saddle I get to the next guest house.  Legs and butt started to rebel.  Quickly after getting a room I head to the restaurant across the street as they are getting ready to close.  Get eggs, rice and soup.

and I am still riding.  After
Now sleep
Phun Khun

81.9 Miles, 11:18 Moving Time, Max Speed 29.1 Miles, Moving Average 7.2 Miles, Stop Time 2:05 Overall Average Speed 6.1 Miles, Temp Min 61 F-77 F, Start 9:00 next day end 21:00, Accent 8972 feet, Max Altitude 4659 feet.

Light rainy day

Love & Kisses

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