Tuesday, March 19, 2013


 I head for the border.  I change which border crossing as the road tarmac was reported as newer.  So not going near Pol Pots grave and will miss the only piece of art made by the Khmer Rouge.  There is lots of traffic on the road to the border.  Thais like to gamble and there are not casinos in Thailand.  Border crossing was easy just had to pay an inflated exchange rate for the visa.  I will stop at the town just down the hill from the border to get money from the ATM. I must have blinked as I saw no town.  So no local money and an a good ways to the next town. 
  Glad I bought an extra liter and half of water.  In Samraong there is a nice looking guest house across from the bank.  I decide to push on.  I get to highway six after dark and find a guest house there.  Take the more expensive room for 3 dollars more. 

104 Miles, 10:22 Moving Time, Max Speed 30.5 Miles, Moving Average 10.0 Miles, Stop Time 2:17 Overall Average Speed 8.2 Miles, Temp Min 83 F -111 F Start 09:00 end 20:00 Accent 247 feet, Max Altitude 839 feet.

Sunny and hot

Love & kisses

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