Saturday, March 16, 2013

Nang Rong

In the morning visited the ruins in Phimai.  Then over to a banyan tree that just takes up half a football pitch.   The countryside I am riding through is red shirt country as they are hung outside the homes.  The GPS is limited on the maps it shows.  So my short cut got turned into a bit of a detour.  There is a lot of burning in the fields.  Get into town near dark.  Another long day.  I go to sleep hearing music blaring down the street.

One Tree

Nang Rong
80.6  Miles, 8:27 Moving Time, Max Speed 18.2 Miles, Moving Average 9.5 Miles, Stop Time 3:41 Overall Average Speed 6.6 Miles, Temp Min 82 F -98 F Start 09:00 end 18:30, Accent 144 feet, Max Altitude 915 feet.

Sunny and hot

Love & kisses

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