Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Vang Vieng

Omelet over rice then I am on the road.  My bottom does not like that I rode eleven and a half hours yesterday.  It takes over an hour to be reasonably comfortable on my seat.   No long hills up today.  It is rolling hills with more down than up.  After 23 miles I come to a flat part.  Am I still in Laos?  Pace picks up.  I can't go downhill fast as there are surprises around bends with potholes and rough dirt parts.  One slight climb and I'm in the next drainage going down river to Vang Vieng.  

They want a toll to cross a bridge in town that leads to guest houses on the other side of the river.  I decide not to look for a place across the river. 

68.1 Miles, 7:05 Moving Time, Max Speed 37.7 Miles, Moving Average 9.6 Miles, Stop Time 1:14 Overall Average Speed 8.2  Miles, Temp Min 59 F-89 F, Start 9:00 end 17:00, Accent 2198 feet, Max Altitude 4561 feet.

Sunny day

Love & Kisses

I am not sure how she kept the bike upright as when 
I helped to tip the bike back up it was very heavy. 
 Lots of scrap metal

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