Thursday, March 7, 2013

Vang Vieng 2

 Headed out to a waterfall on rough dirt road, about a kilometer before the falls I turned back the five k I had ridden.  Looking at the creek flow decided that rainy season would better.  Also flowing down river sounded better.   

So I was walked up the road to the put in.  I ran into a Finnish girl heading the same way.  Her memory from a few years back and asking directions from locals got us past the normal put in for tubing.  Plan B start down river where we were.  Yes the boat fits two sort of.  No problem spotting the put in from the river.  Where were all the vehicles hauling these people when we were walking?  Only a couple of bars are left from when this was the party spot.  It is mellow float down river.  Safety beers do help.

Heli the hitchhiker

The four stooges.  There four young boys in a boat.  They run with one side of their boat near water level or switch to the other sides.  One of the boys is constantly bailing water.  They stuck their boat on rocks then finished their performance with putting the boat sideways against the bridge piers.  Good river entertainment.

Vang Vieng
20.0 Miles, 5:41 Moving Time, Max Speed 17.5 Miles, Moving Average 3.5 Miles, Stop Time 6:47 Overall Average Speed 1.6 Miles, Temp Min 70 F -84 F Start 09:00 end 17:30, Accent 548 feet, Max Altitude 1030 feet.


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