Monday, March 18, 2013


These birds like hanging out with cow.  Still in the red shirt region.  My bike is 8.22 kilos (18 lbs) lighter.   I finally mailed my raft home along with other stuff.  I end up at Ryan place which is an expat hangout.  I got to talk with a number of guys married to Thai ladies.  It is interest to hear their view of life.  The women marry these guys as they stick around for the kids.  A number of the guy after long marriages in their home country they end up single.  They find a new life and marriage easy to happen in Thailand.  It does seem that the life style  of these lads leads to hanging out a good bit at the pub. 

54.7 Miles, 5:11 Moving Time, Max Speed 18.7 Miles, Moving Average 10.5Miles, Stop Time 2:11 Overall Average Speed 7.4 Miles, Temp Min 84 F - 104 F Start 09:00 end 14:30, Accent 56 feet, Max Altitude 638 feet.

Sunny and hot

Love & kisses

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