Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Nong Khai

Posted the posted cards and headed for the border.  It is an easy exit from Lao.  As I came to the friendship bridge I ride past the no bike and motorcycle sign to the toll booth.  They wave me around the barrier and to the bridge.  It is over Mekong and into Thailand once again.  Only a half mile further and I am at the service center for my computer.  They want the computer for 4 days.  I talk them into one.

In the evening I come across a kick ball game.  It is played with a volleyball net and the guy spend much of their kicking the bamboo ball over their heads.  It was impressive seeing all those high kicks.  It is basically volleyball without using your hands.  Then a came across an open air play.  The hundred guys on stage caught my attention as they were armed with swords and guns. 

  A little sword play and then their commander showed up on a horse and marched them off.  Then the friendly villagers send a boat across the river to feed the troops.  The good Thai troops show up at the enemy’s fort.  There is a hundred more guys defending the fort.  The Thai army fires its cannons and guns.  There is a bit of sword play that has sparks flying.  The grass roofs of the enemy’s fort are set on fire.  Great effects as the Thais take the fort.
  I move on when it appears that the political speeches are the next part of the drama.  I am then of to the fairs food court for some dinner.
Nong Khai

22.9 Miles, 2:20 Moving Time, Max Speed 20.9 Miles, Moving Average 9.8 Miles, Stop Time 4:03 Overall Average Speed 3.6 Miles, Temp Min 81 F -92 F Start 10:30 end 13:00, Accent 66 feet, Max Altitude 695 feet.


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