Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Udon Thani

It’s dead Jim!  Service center said the motherboard needs replacing and it is not covered under warranty.  The estimate is 6400 baht without fixing the cracked screenMy simple diagnosis is that the insides got smashed while closed and the outside is fine on the netbook.  The result of being smashed is a cracked screen and I get the blue screen of death coming up with an error message about the bios being bad.  The service center tried to reinstall the OS.  I ask them not to lose the data on the hard drive.  So to try to fix the bios they tried to install a new OS???  They could not get the USB port to work so they are saying the motherboard is damaged.  At least they could not get to the hard drive to reformat it.  I hope the hard drive still works. 
So now it is a long day riding the 90 k to Udon Thani.  Then I went through fifty computer stores looking for netbooks.  I finally decided on a used LenovoWas told ninty something chance no problems with the netbook.  He loads a English version of MS Office.  Then he digs out my old hard drive from under the keyboard and other bit in the old netbook.  Hard drive is put into a external USB case.  Its alive!!  The hard drive from the old netbook works.  I have my pics and other files.   
Udon Thani
67.8 Miles, 7.18 Moving Time, Max Speed 18.7 Miles, Moving Average 9.3 Miles, Stop Time 8:16 Overall Average Speed 4.4 Miles, Temp Min 74 F - 104 F Start 09:00 end 17:30, Accent 185 feet, Max Altitude 645 feet.

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