Saturday, March 9, 2013

Vang Vieng 4

 I was thing of just hanging, writing post cards, and reading.  Watch kayaks leave on top of tuk tuks.  Ten minutes later my boat is rolled up and in my pack.  Only walk two miles before catching a regional bus.  They first want to charge me 150,000 kip.  It is adjusted to 10,000 kip for my ten miles.  I walk down under the bridge.  Five minutes later I on the water.  I figure I have about 15 miles to float.  River has a good paces so I don't need to push too hard.  Stop at elephant cave which is just a Buddha shrine.  Their bell was recycled iron drop on Lao by US.

Vang Vieng
25.9 Miles, 6:19 Moving Time, Max Speed 45.3 Miles, Moving Average 4.1Miles, Stop Time 1:20 Overall Average Speed 3.4 Miles, Temp Min 73 F -85 F Start 10:00 end 17:30, Accent 389 feet, Max Altitude 958 feet.


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