Friday, May 21, 2010

Truleigh Hostel to Alfriston Hostel

GPS maps show me in the English Channel currently.  The person who put up bike route signs had a sense of humor as when the road forks the little marker is put between the roads and then pointing to the space between them and not placing any other signs in the area.  Here another helpful map showing where I am and places I would like to see, but no routes to get to them from where I am.

I do not understand how I miss the route with this much information.  I am proud of my speed when I pass other bike riders, even when they are eighty and using a breathing tube to get his oxygen.  Ok on second look he was using a Zimmer frame not a bike.  He did give me a run for the money but I passed him.  Had a seventy year old guy show off his bike to me in front of a store.  I pulled out first and headed up a hill he quickly caught up to me and passed me.  Need to get one of those electric motors for my bike. 
I zipped off a nice hill to the coast.  Found the coastal bike trail several times as it kept wondering away.  I rode along the coast most of the day seeing Brighton and other sea side resort towns.  Yes you can have a shed on the beach.  I did not stay long and the gravel did not attract me.  I stopped in at the famous Pier.  This only encouraged me on.  Then I was able to pass the beach train as I was cruising.  Then there was a fork in the road and the train passed me as I stood there scratching my head.  The road then was up on top cliffs for most of the rest of the day.  This gave nice views 

32.9 + 2 mile  4.08 hr / max speed 24.3 avg moving speed 7.9 stopped time 3:35 913 ft total ascent. (A few hills and a little head wind at times)  GPS stopped before the hostel (+2 estimate)
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