Monday, May 17, 2010

Trip Begins

The trip has begun.  Just finished and mailed the insurance paperwork for the repairs at 6pm in boulder $17,000 and the isurance has paid only 7000 so far.  Plane leaves at 8.  Taking the fast toll way I find they no longer collect tolls at the booth, but will send me a bill.  I wonder if there is a fine for not paying the toll for five months.  As I arrive at the long term parking I notice the name of the road is Gun Club.  Nice that there is shooting next to the airport.  As I wait to check the gear I find out the flight yesterday was canceled, so it will be a full flight.  At the counter the clerk throws away the boarding pass that took 20 minute to get last night.  Clerk says he is giving me a better seat and it was true.  I got a bigger seat than economy and had the only empty seat next to me.  Now if they would let me use the duct tape on the kid two rows up.  Just turned up the music.  Sitting here noticed the coat hook on the seat in front of me.  Not used to seeing coat hooks on the seats I am use to.  I have a jacket so I should try that.  Then I remember putting the jacket behind the truck seat (Steve A. can confirm that next week).  Hope it is warm in London.  The Argentine wine has arrived and life is good.
Love & kisses

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