Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Heathrow to Tanner Hatch Hostel

British airway baggage tracking web site was useless as it only reported it was still tracking 24 hours after reporting the bike missing.  Called and they reported the bike was on the plane.   Wonder about Hyde Park as I had two hours then back to the airport.  Baggage arrivals are behind British customs.  I got around them with all my gear in tow.  All I can say is that it did involved Krispy Kreams and I did not have any.  British Airways customer service did confirm again that my bike was on the plane and now noted it had been delayed for two hours.  The plane had departed earlier than when I called them in the morning, but they did not feel the need to tell me knowing I was going to pick it up at the airport.  I should have had a Krispy Kream.  Bike arrived and had it together by 3:30.  Was tempted to just leave the box un attended to thank them, but was good an had a janitor take it away.  At 3:30 I head out and just went south.  Ten miles south pulled out the google maps directions to the hostel.  I was 3 mile west of the coarse I should be on.  Got on the course that google directed.  It immediately directed me on to a private road past warning signs for residents only.  I made it through the estates with out private security spotting me.  Then it directed me through a golf course and almost on the other side I found the way blocked by buildings.  New that I was not going to do a Steve McQueen and jump the fences with this loaded bike.  I worked my way back around the golf coarse.  Six miles later I was back on track.  A few more miles and was at the location shown by google maps to be the hostel.  It was a park with a gate and entrance fee during the day and no sign of a hostel.  I ask some passing ladies where the hostel was.   They knew where it was.  The eight ladies on mountain bikes for the next hour took me up dirt roads and trails to where the hostel road was with a sign.  As I headed down the road to the hostel in the dark I ran into a lady who was the warden of the hostel and had all ready closed for the evening.  She decided to let me in and walked back down the half mile back to the hostel.  The gods were good to me.
34 mile in 4 hr  26.3 Max speed /stop time 2:31 min 1097 ft total ascent
New GPS gives me all sorts of data.  The mapping feature is great ( currently the only city it shows is London as a dot and I get the outline of England).
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