Saturday, May 29, 2010

Bergen op Zoom – Breda

Decided to have an easy day and catch up with my friend Cinderella. Found in Breda there is indoor parking garages for bikes that are free with attendants. It has been a few years since I saw her last (see beginning of the blog). She just got home after three years of travels. She told of running into an American in northern Pakistan. He was solid Christian with a sword. Authorities took his gun away, but were ok with him having a sword. With this large sword and three bladed knife he was heading for the valley where he knew where Ben lived. He wanted to do the lords work and harm Ben. Five days later he returned much lighter as he did not take water and he was very dehydrated. So yes we have people out there looking for Ben. We talked late into the evening. So when I arrived at the campground I was going to use, it was closed. So I found a bit of woods to camp in.
64.3 mile 8:00 hr / max speed 66.4?? avg moving speed 8.00 stopped time 7:14 220 ft total ascent. (Wind from the west again and rain in the evening)
Love & kisses

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Cinderella Servranckx said...

It was a really good evening, I liked to catch up with you and have a good old trallers evening in my own country, sitting for long time at an Italian restaurant, something which most people only use to eat. We didn't. Did you actually see how many people wacthed us... hahaha. Have a good safe trip and eat well