Sunday, May 30, 2010

Breda woods - Bunnik

I got a dawn start in the rain.  Gear packed a little wet.  At mile 45 found food.  Note almost everything is closed on Sunday need to stock up on Saturday.  As it rained I went for distance and did not stop to smell the tulips.  Did 94.2 miles and should report it as kilometers as 152k sounds even more impressive.  In the same frame of mind I wonder why we have not gone back to using stones to measure weight since saying 10 stone sounds less than 140 lbs.  There is a lot of room between numbers.  So uses stones the next time you are discussing your weight and you will feel better. 
Only 94.2 mile  9:53 hr /  max speed 22.8 avg moving speed 9.5 stopped time 3:34 1403 ft total ascent. (Rain and western wind 20 all day.  At the end ride to bring me smiles there was horizontal rain with a strong head wind helmet was needed for the rain)
Love & kisses

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Cinderella Servranckx said...

You drove very much miles/kilometers Steve! The wind must have been in your back!! But still, it's s a lot! On sundays the shops are closed, except the first sunday of every new month, which is this coming sunday. Usually supermarkets are closed all day, every sunday as well. Try the little snack bars and cafe's, they are found in most little town. Sometimes even there are foodmachines in places, where you trow a coin and get bread (Belgium) and other things to eat. Not the best but better then nothing : )