Thursday, May 20, 2010

Tanner hatch hostel to Truleigh hostel

I was feeling slow heading up hill a mile first thing in the morning.  I was not ready to do many hills today.  So after the first town I head for the highest point in south east England Leigh hill.  There was haze so not much a view.  Later as I was stocking up at Tesco Superstore and another cycles at the bike rake told me of a old rail road bed turned to trail that had little traffic.  So I went for it and after 5 miles I was going the right way down the trail towards the coast.  Thankfully I did run into that map of the route showing me that the other way was the right direction.  Good news is the hostel tonight was at the top of a good size hill.  So I will have an easier start in the morning going down hill for a couple of miles for warm up.  Found another use for McDonald's that also does not involve food.  Free wireless internet and clean toilets with seats what more does a traveler need than a different menu.
45.8 mile  5.54 hr max speed 30.1 avg moving speed 7.8 stopped time 3:20 1890 ft total ascent. (A little steeper hills)
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