Sunday, May 23, 2010

Woods – Cliffs

I headed off to Bodium Castle. With my early start I got there at 8 and it did not open till 10:30. Did some bike tuning and tightened all the bolts I took off the bike to get it into the box. Castle had some nice views from the top. After that I headed for Rye with the last two miles down grassy fields. Small castle there and then headed up the coast to Dover. Had fun playing squid in bumper to bumper beach traffic as I went down the middle. Brought back my San Francisco bike messenger days. On the beach the English need SPF 100 as it was a lobster fest. Leaving Folkestone the back bike rack fell off part of the mount. Not sure what made it go the bouncing down grassy fields, cobblestone roads of Rye, speed bumps, or TSA. I did not check those bolts as I did not need to remove the back rack to ship. Twenty minutes later it was back together. Got to Dover near sunset and could not find the hostel so I checked the internet. Dover Hostel as I had caught the name earlier in passing was in London. I headed out of town and there is no forest around. On the cliffs of Dover I found no trees, but I did find a good spot that required no tent. Been using the classic book Rogue Male (1939) for travel and camping tips. It provides great methods when travel rough in Briton and other methods when feeling a bit banged up while touring Germany.

Only 71.7 mile 9:53 hr / max speed 22.8 avg moving speed 9.5 stopped time 3:34 1403 ft total ascent. (Rain and western wind 20 all day. At the end ride to bring me smiles there was horizontal rain with a strong head wind)
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