Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Bruges – Ghent

The next day I was feeling much more awake.  I got directions to Ghent.  In heading out town saw a group of tourist standing in line to get into a chocolate shop.  Across the street there were three more chocolate shops and one caught my eye had chocolate boobies in the window.  With closer inspection found a full selection of body parts.  I did not buy anything as the chocolate would have just melted in my hand.  With a couple of turns I should be heading out of town.  I stopped to take pictures of the bike covered parking.  Then I found I was passing the chocolate shops again and the tourist were still waiting to all get into the chocolate shop.  Went straight a bit more and I found the canal leading to Ghent.  Nice ride along the canal, with it raining all day.  In Ghent found wet cobble stones do not let my bike stay upright.  The knee will heal and one friend says women like scars.  I went for the hostel on a boat as it was still raining.  They had vegetarian map for the town’s restaurants.  I went for the vegi buffet as it was highly recommended.  It was very large selection and good.
39.9 mile  4:51 hr /  max speed 19.3 avg moving speed ? stopped time 3:16 298 ft total ascent. (Rain and cool)
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