Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Field Camp – Bruges

In the morning at 5 I was up with fog giving visibility of only 50 feet. By the time I got to the road again could see a half a mile. I did not want one of the tractors with 8 foot tires not to see me. In one town stopped for a nice bike sculpture. It was around 10 and there was a café across the street so I went for food. Inside I found a dozen people having beer and cigarettes and no food. I moved on as the beer looked to light for me. I push on and made it to Burges early in the afternoon. The hostel had a room and I crashed. It seems quite pleasant having Dutch ladies passing me. Just need to get them use to me drafting.
Only 33.9 mile 4:40 hr / max speed 17.9 avg moving speed ? stopped time 7:43 298 ft total ascent. (Cold wet fog needing all jackets in the morning and then light rain)
Love & kisses

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