Friday, May 28, 2010

Antwerp - Bergen op Zoom

I am going to use the number system today to find my way.  You just go from number to number following the signs to the next number.  There is no real order to the numbers. Simple yea! Leaving Antwerp I found an elevator and ½ mile tunnel to bike under the river.  On the other side ran across a bike shop that provided me with a tail light replacement bracket for free.  Light just broke off as I was riding down a road the day before.  As I was now on the wrong side of the river but had fun getting here I decide to return.  There was another tunnel.  The elevator was broken so I needed to take the fully loaded bike down the escalator.  It was a long escalator and if something went wrong, it was going to be bad.  Some one told me to stand on the same step as the front tire.  I went for it and there was a second escalator down and that worked out ok also.   Good brakes and standing on the step with the front tire works.  Found that I bypassed several numbers on my list, and this continued to happen a number of times during the day.  I took the route through the docks.  15 miles from Antwerp I left the shipping container canyons.  The docks did have a truck stop and I found a map of Holland.  This is my first paper map of a county since Briton.  Then it was on to wooded bike paths.  Crossed into Netherland/Holland and found room at the hostel in Bergen op Zoom.  I like any town with zoom in the name. 
45 mile Thought I wrote down the stats (Cloudy with strong winds from the west)
Love & kisses

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