Monday, July 1, 2019


As I was packing the panniers I thought to leave the panniers in the tent till I went outside as the tent was close to the cliff.  Then instead I set the panniers outside the tent and one slowly rolled over and I thought it would stop as it was tipping so slowly.  It slowly tipped over again.  I was sitting back so not so easy to pop up and there was a tree branch to go around.  I hesitated.  The pack continue to very slowly roll towards the cliff.  The bag has the sleeping bag, cloths and sleeping.  I move but am too late as the bag goes over the edge.  Memory kicks in and there is a laptop in the bag also.  Cannot see the bag from the cliff top.  Much later was able to spot bag in picture. Mentally mark the general spot from the top of the 80 foot cliff.  Walking down slope am able to hike around the cliff and then hike back to the location below the cliff on the train tracks between the frequent trains.  Working my way up boulders and trees I spot the pannier.  I find pannier mount broken in the rain.  Oh did I mention it was raining.  I work my way down slope to the tracks and a quick hike along them gets me on to hill side before the next train.  I hike back up hill to my bike and gear.  Move the spare pannier mount into place.  Long ride down into town in rain. In the library confirmed computer damage as it is bent and broken with hard drive also bent.  Machine power on but the shattered screen shows nothing.  Keep hard drive and recycle the computer.  Check Voss’s computer stores and find no good replacement computer. After the long day I head to a known camp site.  Washed up at the room with a view.  See 2017/06/6 ' href=''  

So no computer which means I cannot change maps on GPS or change audio books on the IPod.  I was to find that all libraries had locked their computers from installing software that I needed for the GPS or IPod.  So my external backup hard drive had a terabyte of audio books plus also maps and they were inaccessible for the rest of the trip.  All attempts to recover data from the hard drive have failed and some old trip data is gone.

Love and kisses


Distance 36.8 Miles / Total Time 12:10 / Time of Day 22:18 / Average Moving Speed 7.5 / Average Speed 3.0 / Moving Time 4.55 / Stop Time 7:15 / Max Speed 30.6 / Temperature 54F / Max Temp 62F / Min Temp 51F / Ascent 2111 ft / Current Elevation 846 / Max Elevation 2014 ft / 



Cracked, bent and shattered screen.  Not sure why it is not booting up.

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