Thursday, July 4, 2019



It is the fourth and I climb to the pass. It is cold and a bit wet. Then going down I need to stop to warm my hands which are in mitten shells. I make it to sea level and town. My feet area frozen and after a half hour most of my feeling is returning to my feet. After restocking I ride 10k more to the ferry. Ferry is free :-). I look back at a large German statue on the hillside.  Now I go for a nice ride along the fjord. This ends all too fast and I am climbing again. Just another wee hill.  Finally at the top of the pass I find a place to camp.

Love and kisses


Head wind, light rain, and cold

Distance 55.3 Miles / Total Time 13:02 / Time of Day 22:04 / Average Moving Speed 6.3 / Average Speed 4.2 / Moving Time 8:50 / Stop Time 4:13 / Max Speed 29.2 / Temperature 48F / Max Temp 57F / Min Temp 41F / Ascent 5484 ft / Current Elevation 2473 / Max Elevation 3253 ft / 

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