Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Jul 16, 2019


Damp morning but clearing and sun starting to show. I can see the scenic highway views. Lots of camper vans lining any parking space adding to the view. Many have their windows covered to keep people seeing the view they are parking. As I approach Kristiansund the ferry has been replaced by a tunnel that does not allow bikes. Bus is on time and shows up five minutes after I arrive. Not knowing I would need a bus or its schedule I think some god is being kind.  Library has Windows 95 but it won’t allow me to load any applications (ITunes or Garmin).  Stock up on food once again.  Short ride and another ferry. It arrive within minutes of my arrival.  I ride a bit more and see great area to camp so I do. Did not mind not riding into the strong head wind anymore either.

Love and kisses


Distance 42.9 Miles / Total Time 9:04 / Time of Day 18:44 / Average Moving Speed 7.3 / Average Speed 4.7 / Moving Time 5:51 / Stop Time 3:15 / Max Speed 43.1 / Temperature 66F / Max Temp 69F / Min Temp 49F / Ascent 2944 ft / Current Elevation 226 / Max Elevation 254 ft / 

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