Friday, July 5, 2019


Some nice falls along the way.  Some nice falls along the way.  Then I drop down to a fjord. Easy riding along the fjord.  I recognize the countryside and realize I rode this day’s ride the other way in 2010.  A new tunnel is not for bikes, but the old tunnel and road is bike friendly.  There is a new bridge where the ferry ran. Farms and second homes keep me from camping.  Finally find some forest to camp in.  A few miggie and a number of ticks try to keep me company.

Love and kisses


Distance 60.1 Miles / Total Time 14:47 / Time of Day 23:19 / Average Moving Speed 8.1 / Average Speed 4.1 / Moving Time 7:25 / Stop Time 7:23 / Max Speed 29.9 / Temperature 56F / Max Temp 71F / Min Temp 40F / Ascent 2586 ft / Current Elevation 89 / Max Elevation 2484 ft / 


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