Tuesday, July 30, 2019

Jul 30, 2019


On to Trondheim. Wind is pushing hard against me. I see the ferry departing as I am five minutes from the dock. Luck this crossing is a double ferry and just a half hour wait. Time to get some laundry washed. Wind is unrelenting as I ride into Trondheim. Search begins for replacement pedal. Wander through a half dozen shops before finding a cheap wide flat pedal. Nice not having a pedal that can pop off. Then a long ride along the fjord and highway on a nice bike path. It is getting late as I turn south and ride into the hills. It is twilight when I finally find a camping spot.
Love and kisses
Distance 60.1 Miles / Total Time 14:35 / Time of Day 22:43 / Average Moving Speed 6.7 / Average Speed 4.1 / Moving Time 9:00 / Stop Time 5:35 / Max Speed 27.6 / Temperature 58F / Max Temp 79F / Min Temp 57F / Ascent 3787 ft / Current Elevation 814 / Max Elevation 817 ft / 

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