Tuesday, July 9, 2019


With the tunnel off limits it is a long ride around to Maloy.  After a long ride to Maloy I am told my package is not there and am sent off on 10k false package run.  Back at the original post off they finally look at their few packages and find my package.  I have finally once again a working air mattress.  I finish the long day riding up and out of Maloy.  Great pleasure of the air mattress not needing to be inflated in the middle of the night again and again.

Love and kisses


Distance 61.1 Miles / Total Time 13:48 / Time of Day 22:21 / Average Moving Speed 7.5 / Average Speed 4.4 / Moving Time 8:11 / Stop Time 5:38 / Max Speed 31.3 / Temperature 71F / Max Temp 74F / Min Temp 63F / Ascent 3845 ft / Current Elevation 132 / Max Elevation 1303 ft / 


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