Friday, July 12, 2019

Jul 12, 2019


A few mile ride to the ferry. Next island many bike paths next to the road and is very built up. I find one back road with the possibility to camp but it is early so I push on. Endless towns continue along with many bike paths. A tunnel is forbidden to bikes so I need to go three times the 14k to reach the ferry.  I see a sign that note the island has 70,000 people living on it. That explains why I can’t find any open land to camp on. Not far from the ferry I find a cut in the hillside that I can camp on. I am in my tent at 9pm. Something in the forest is grunting as I cook dinner.
Love and kisses
Distance 55.6 Miles / Total Time 12:12 / Time of Day 20:58 / Average Moving Speed 8.0 / Average Speed 4.6 / Moving Time 6:57 / Stop Time 5:15 / Max Speed 31.8 / Temperature 56F / Max Temp 72F / Min Temp 48F / Ascent 2861 ft / Current Elevation 154 / Max Elevation 490 ft / 

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