Saturday, July 6, 2019



I ride down to the next fjord. This is so I can climb up and over to another fjord. Once again I get climb up form sea level to heights well above fjord. This long road along the fjord which prefers to climb up and down finally gets to Forde. Pick up a few supplies and now go along the other side of the fjord. After a number of miles the road turns inland and goes through a tunnel. Bikes are not wanted in this tunnel so I take a road going over the hill. After a number of miles climbing I find a place to camp.

Love and kisses


Distance 49.0 Miles / Total Time 11:03 / Time of Day 21:45 / Average Moving Speed 6.8 / Average Speed 4.4 / Moving Time 7:14 / Stop Time 3:50 / Max Speed 27.6 / Temperature 58F / Max Temp 70F / Min Temp 51F / Ascent 4476 ft / Current Elevation 630 / Max Elevation 1543 ft / 

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