Monday, July 8, 2019


Morning has me spot a pair foxes hanging out in the road. They are shy and don’t wait for the camera to appear. Many miles to the ferry. I finally arrive at the pier and find that the ferry has not worked here in years. A tunnel has replaced the ferry. I am not sure where this tunnel is as my map shows only the old ferry route. There is a long way around to Maloy so on I go. Up another wee hill and find the tunnel. Bikes are not welcome in this tunnel so I camp and call it a day. I have my own lake for the night.

Love and kisses


Distance 40.8 Miles / Total Time 7:57 / Time of Day 18:26 / Average Moving Speed 7.3 / Average Speed 5.1 / Moving Time 5:34 / Stop Time 2:25 / Max Speed 25.4 / Temperature 75F / Max Temp 75F / Min Temp 55F / Ascent 3123 ft / Current Elevation 880 / Max Elevation 975 ft / 


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