Sunday, July 7, 2019



Up to start the day and to work up a good sweat. Wash a bit as sun is out and the ride down the other side will help dry the cloths. Down other side and back on main road. Come to a longer tunnel and try an old road around the tunnel area. One large rock fall area had me portaging bike and gear. Made sure nothing slipped over the cliff and into the fjord. I mean really what is the chances of something falling into fjord.  Downed trees and brush made it an interesting ride. Back on the main road for a while then there were side roads into Floro. Pick up supplies and head to ferry pier. As I turn down to the pier I see a ferry departing. I look for a schedule and find none. Start searching the internet and can only see the ferry I saw leaving is the only one listed on the site. A bus goes past and drops some people off with luggage and they head around a building. I follow them to a waiting lounge. Checking with them I find that there is a ferry going in a half hour to the port I want. Many people depart the ferry and just two of us get on. Ten minutes later I am at my port. I ride a number of miles and then camp in the trees hiding a little from the wind.

Love and kisses


Distance 38.8 Miles / Total Time 8:56 / Time of Day 18:38 / Average Moving Speed 7.4 / Average Speed 4.3 / Moving Time 5:13 / Stop Time 3:44 / Max Speed 28.6 / Temperature 68F / Max Temp 69F / Min Temp 49F / Ascent 2596 ft / Current Elevation 57 / Max Elevation 1633 ft / 

A bit of clutter on the old road.

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