Wednesday, July 31, 2019

Jul 31, 2019


Late start. Pulled off road on to bumpy dirt road. Rear wheel makes a loud clicking noise when I start again. Nothing in the spokes and the wheel locks up turning into reverse. Thinking the hub may be failing. I ride on till I get to rest area. Pulling the rear wheel and find nothing. Checking the brakes they look worn. The spring has an arm bent and could have rub the disc making the noise (I hope this is problem). Replacing the brakes with new pad and spring. Tests show no noise and I am off. I continue riding up the valley and against the wind.
Love and kisses
Distance 30.7 Miles / Total Time 9:24 / Time of Day 20:22 / Average Moving Speed 7.1 / Average Speed 3.3 / Moving Time 4:19 / Stop Time 5:05 / Max Speed 25.9 / Temperature 67F / Max Temp 90F / Min Temp 57F / Ascent 1631 ft / Current Elevation 1107 / Max Elevation 1123 ft / 

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