Tuesday, April 12, 2022

April 12 2022

Still in transit and arrived in Briton.  Find my bike next to the plane’s boarding stair at Heathrow.  Decide not to try to take it as a carryon.  See my other bag being loaded and happy my luggage will arrive with me.  In Copenhagen bike is put back together with just a fender bracket broken.  Fender is not out of place so not to bad.  First hard turn found I had not tightened my handlebars to the head tube.  Wheel end 45 degrees of the handle bar.  No problem other needing to stop and tighten the bolds with wheel going forward.  First bike shop a kilometer from the airport had a replacement bracket for the fender.   In Copenhagen wandered about getting supplies (cash, food, stove gas, lighter, wifi, and water.)  I ended up making loops through town as I had not caught up on sleep.  Not far out of town was official wild camping spot in a natural area.  The spot was next to an old gun emplacement from the big war.  Now for a bit of sleep if the geese are quiet.

Time of Day 7:05 / Distance 18.5m / Temp 52 / Total Time 5:35 / Moving Time 2:40 / Stop Time 2:55 / Moving Avg 6.9 /  Overall Avg 3.3 / Max Speed 92.1?? / Temp Min 51 Max 81 / Barometer 1020 / Ascent 238 / Sun rise 6:18 set 8:04 / Elevation 1 / Max Elev 280 Clear

Love and Kisses


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