Tuesday, April 19, 2022

April 19 2022 Norway

Off to Norway.  I have waited for the holiday to be over before the crossing to a new country with a different currency.  Slow start with everything cover with heavy dew.  Dried out the tent and then hurried to town to buy the ferry ticket.  Went shopping to use up some Danish kroners and stuff is cheaper in Denmark.  Encountered some other bike tourers from Germany headed for the Nordkapp.  They were taking the ferry to Bergen.  Maybe I’ll catch up with them.  On the ferry charged everything and worded on getting my travel log on the computer.  Yes I write in a book as I don’t like falling asleep at a computer far from a plug.  In Larvik only found a ATM at the third bank.  Top off food and I was off.  Okay I crawled up the hills out of town.  They showed I am not ready for Norway’s hills.  At the top of the hills encountered my first snow.  Sounds impressive until I note the hill was 382 feet above sea level.  Made it a few more miles before camping.    

Time of Day 8:46 / Distance 19.6m / Temp 59 / Total Time 5:31 / Moving Time 3:03 /

Stop Time 2:27 / Moving Avg 6.5 /  Overall Avg 3.6 / Max Speed 22.5 / Temp Min 36 Max 65 / Barometer 1021 / Ascent 1097 / Sun rise 6:01 set 8:38 / Elevation 304 / Max Elev 403  Clear Tee Shirt

Love and Kisses


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