Friday, April 15, 2022

April 15 2022 Good Friday

It rained a little over night.  Crap I realize yesterday was Thursday and this is Good Friday.  So shops are closed yesterday and today.  Along with just oats to eat I find a shortage of TP by the end of the long weekend.  During my morning ride I find an open shop and TP issue is not.  Getting to the ferry I find Ebeltoft ferry sailed in the morning.  So I sail to Aarhusas.  I now figure out places I can camp.  In Aarhusas I find a couple of grocery stores open so I have plenty of food for the weekend.  The camp site I selected turns out to be setup as a Viking village.  No one is here but ghosts.  Note the large block of cheese (Balder) gave off a strong smell when opened and a taste did not improve my thoughts on the cheese.  It was quickly removed from camp.

Time of Day 10:09 / Distance 36.9m / Temp 44 / Total Time 9:10 / Moving Time 5:07 /

Stop Time 4:01 / Moving Avg 7.2 /  Overall Avg 4.0 / Max Speed 30.0 / Temp Min 40 Max 59 / Barometer ? / Ascent 2047 / Sun rise 6:18 set 8:20 / Elevation 228 / Max Elev 302  Ferry Distance 43.6 Moving Time 1:18

Cool Cloudy Day

Love and Kisses


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