Tuesday, April 26, 2022

April 26, 2022

I woke to the sound of light rain on the tent.  When I looked out it was light snow that melted when landed.  Went back to sleep.  Noon start had me fully bundled as the temp was just at freezing 32F.  Riding around a lake on a forested road I looked forward to the climbs to bring me warmth.  Then there was the long drop into the valley with a cascading river near by.  I stop again and again to try to bring feeling to my feet.  Warm did not come quickly in the valley.  I need to ride many miles up the valley before I could feel the body warming.  I stopped early hoping to get to Gol with time to update the blog before needing to ride onward to find a camp.

Time of Day 5:51 / Distance 28.7 m / Temp 44 / Total Time 5:26 / Moving Time 3:13 /

Stop Time 2:13 / Moving Avg 8.9 /  Overall Avg 5.2 / Max Speed 25.2 / Temp Min 31 Max 44 / Barometer 1020 / Ascent 1024 / Sun rise 5:38 set 9:05 / Elevation 6:48 / Max Elev 2848  Cloudy cold 

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