Thursday, April 28, 2022

April 28, 2022


Cloudy cool morning as I ride on a plateau though the tree line rode.  Easy riding along the paved road.  There are signs for a bike route along dirt roads and trails.  I stay with the pavement.  Then it is time to drop down onto the valley to Fagernes.  Futher on it is a steady upward progress to the north with a head wind.  There is forest with rivers and lakes along the way.  Before the trees run out I camp.  Tent stakes show me that the ground is still frozen.  After dinner I have a few things to do as writing this.  As I was lying down the next thing I know I’m waking at midnight with my hip and side on the frozen ground.  Found the one way valve open and it must leak slowly.  I refill the air mattress and am quickly asleep again.


Time of Day 8:20 / Distance 48.3 m / Temp 49 / Total Time 10:34 / Moving Time 6:19 / Stop Time 4:15 / Moving Avg 7.6 /  Overall Avg 4.6 / Max Speed 27.0 / Temp Min 38 Max 62 / Barometer 1026 / Ascent 2700 / Sun rise 5:30 set 9:13 / Elevation 2595 / Max Elev 2848  Partly cloudy cool

Love and Kisses


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