Thursday, April 14, 2022

April 14 2022

Left the tent door open to see out.  I woke to find rain coming through the screen door.  (Rooky move)  A little more in the morning and was on the road at ten.  The bike route was going more north and south than the west I was trying to go.  I gave up on following the bike signs and headed west on a road.  This greatly shorted the distance taking.  I see burial mounds on the hilltops.  Then I come across a school that is closed and then a grocery store.  I know I should have checked bank holidays for Denmark.  When I get an Internet connection I am reminded that this is Good Friday and Monday is also a holiday.  I hope stores are open tomorrow or I am on an oatmeal diet for the next three days.  This could also explain why there have been so many people in the forest.  I get to camp at 5:30 and fall asleep as soon as I lie down.  It is nine and I am cooking dinner.  These short hills are kicking my butt.  Tonight is Tikka Masala Sauce, rice and cheese.  Tomorrow start out with oats and I hope not to finish with oats.

Time of Day 9:00 / Distance 41.2m / Temp 49 / Total Time 10:56 / Moving Time 5:28 /

Stop Time 5:28 / Moving Avg 7.5 /  Overall Avg 3.8 / Max Speed 25.4 / Temp Min 48 Max 58 / Barometer 1018 / Ascent 1577 / Sun rise 6:16 set 8:11 / Elevation 30 / Max Elev 184  Not a tailwind cool

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