Friday, April 22, 2022

April 22, 2022

Need to look this up

I am back on the road riding up the fjord on a quiet road with trees and cliffs lining the route.  Turning north traffic picks up as I climb out of the valley.  At the pass the traffic becomes heavy causing my route to change.  I take the other direction which has a bike path.  Half way down to the fjord the path runs out, but the road is downhill so I go at good speed.  At Saljord I take a back road route.  It is a climb out of the valley and continues to climb into the high country.  When the road finally levels out I encounter packed snow on the road.  Patches of snow grow quickly to a continuous coat the road.  I must push the bike through the snow.  After a half mile of pushing the bike onward I see no end in sight so turn back.  There could be twenty more miles that I would need to push the bike through snow.  I camp when I am finally clear of the snow.  I spot my first pair of moose.  Legs are not happy.

Time of Day 10:35 / Distance 45.2 m / Temp 50 / Total Time 12:11 / Moving Time 7:29 /

Stop Time 4:42 / Moving Avg 6.0 /  Overall Avg 3.7 / Max Speed 32.6 / Temp Min 47 Max 76 / Barometer 1022 / Ascent 4941 / Sun rise 5:57 set 8:52 / Elevation 1892 / Max Elev 1967  A couple of clouds.

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